Thursday, January 1, 2015

Seafood Carpacio

After Christmas we wanted something fresh and we were with guests from NY/Paris/Hydra.  We decided to go out on a limb and take them to Muelle 8.  The menu is full of seafood cocktails and ceviches and lots of fish with sauces you'd rather not even read about but there on the first page is a list of carpacios.  We ordered a couple of guacamoles and a grouper ceviche for the table and then 4 of us ordered mixed carpacios and the outliner had a pulpo a la gallega.  Everything was great, but especially the fresh fish which is basically sashimi with some olive oil, capers and habanero on the side. Among us we had tuna, salmon, snapper, octopus and conch, all perfect.  The Pulpo dish was not the best one I've ever had but it was fine.  We were with a 16 year old who had no idea what Gilligan's Island was but now she knows what a restaurant on Gilligan's Island would look like if there were are restaurant on Gilligan's Island.

Update May 2015
This winter and spring I went about once a month for lunch to Muelle 8 and I always had the carpaccio.  I've never yet made it further down the menu but some guests from France went back 3 times over a ten day period and loved everything they tried including the lobster.

Muelle 8
Calle 21 No. 142 x Calle 30 y Calle 32, Buenavista, 97127 Mérida, YUC, Mexico
+52 999 944 5343

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